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  • City Races
    • City Council
      • Primaries:
      • Generals:
    • Mayor, Comptroller & Public Advocate
    • Borough President
    • Charter Revision
  • State Races
    • Governor, Lt. Governor, State Comptroller & Attorney General
    • State Senate
      • Primaries:
      • Generals:
    • Assembly
      • Primaries:
      • Generals:
    • District Leader
    • Constitutional Amendments
  • Federal Races
    • House of Representatives
      • Primaries:
      • Generals:
    • U.S. Senate
    • President
  • Other Races
    • Special Elections
    • Civil Court 
    • Surrogate Court
    • District Attorney

Recent Elections:

2021 City Council District 31 Special Election (Unofficial Election Night Results)

2021 City Council District 31 Special Election Certified Runoff Results

The goal of this website is to become a resourceful inventory of election maps for New York City races. 

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